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The Mutt Nut Story 




Where it started 

Simon's journey working with dogs started back in 2011.


Simon began volunteering at a local rescue centre, keen to learn and develop as much learning experience as possible - as well as helping in anyway he could - and soon acquired a position as a permanent kennel staff team member. 

With more experience under his belt, similarly Simon began volunteering for Guide Dogs For The Blind Association where he soon landed a role working alongside the Guide Dog Mobility Instructors for several years. 


Working overseas


Simon found himself with an opportunity to work abroad as part of a Dogsledding adventure group, where he worked as dog handler, instructor and trail guide in Arctic conditions, managing up to 30 dogs daily. 

Simon has also worked overseas working with foreign rescue organisations, both with shelters and street dogs, where he helped successfully rehabilitate and rehome 100's of helpless dogs. 


Passion for rescue


A short time later, he began working for one of the UK's largest animal welfare charity's, Dog Trust. After several years working and rehabilitating 1000's of dogs Simon was promoted to a trainer position within the organisation, where he was specifically tasked with more challenging cases, assessing 100's of dogs per week as well as post adoption training support. 

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Operating World wide


Simon has worked with 1000's of dogs across the World thanks to his World wide online support as well as successfully helping 100's of owners up and down the UK. 


He has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with complex and challenging behaviour issues such as aggression and dog to dog reactivity, as well as other common problems when out and about walking. 


Not only that, Simon is passionate about developing your relationship with your dog even further, with a large portion of his approach focusing on toy interaction as well as other appropriate predatory outlets. 

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Dog Training Instructor 

With years of experience, Simon now spends a lot of his time developing those new to the dog training industry, as a dog training instructor.

Simon has helped 100's across the UK, develop their dog training skill set as well as their ability to read and understand dog behaviour effectively

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