Who is 

The Mutt Nut 



Simon Moody



Coaching Everyday Dog Owners

Dogs do what they do, due to the reinforcement not dominance. They go where they get paid.


So often we constantly put our dog's in the same situation and expect a different outcome. Correct me if I'm wrong but a clever old bloke called Albert once defined this as insanity. 

We love our dogs but it's not always plain sailing. Whether we realise or not, we often put our dogs into situations they find scary or stressful and consequently we become extremely frustrated with the behaviour they offer. 

Hi there, my name is Simon and I am The Mutt Nut.


My passion is educating and coaching the humans of the household how to truly understand their dog and how to continuously manage and change their dog's behaviour. This is always done using techniques that your dog will enjoy and without force. By changing how our dogs feel, we will get new behaviour which we can then reward. 

Now for the boring stuff, I am fully qualified and accredited with the IMDT as well as having an A Level in Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour. I have extensive experience working as a specialist trainer for the likes of Dogs Trust and other world leading organisations such as Guide Dogs For The Blind. 

Not forgetting the 100's of dogs and their owners I have worked with privately, up and down the UK.

Still trying to show your dog who’s boss or put them in their "place"? There's a much better way...

Changing dog behaviour is about preventing our dogs from executing the unwanted behaviours by offering motivating alternatives and rewarding our dogs highly when they choose to do so! 

We need to analyse ourselves and how we unknowingly set our dog's up to fail and contribute to reinforcing so many of our dog's unwanted behaviours.


This is the reason why so many haven't achieved the results they want.



Enter, The Mutt Nut.