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Coaching Everyday Dog Owners Worldwide

We love our dogs but it's not always plain sailing. Whether we realise it or not, we are entirely responsible for the environment/situations we put our dogs in on a day to day basis.


Subsequently, we often put our dogs into situations they find scary or stressful and consequently we become extremely frustrated with the behaviour they offer, which in turn gets rehearsed even more so. 

Hi there, my name is Simon and I am The Mutt Nut.

I am a multi-credentialed professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant, specialising in reactivity and aggression cases, operating Worldwide to help everyday dog owners and their dogs create a better life together.


Having a strong background working within several organisations, I also work closely with several animal charities as a behaviour consultant, helping to raise standards of welfare, appropriate training and behaviour application and ultimately strive to help the many dogs struggling, find a forever home. 

So Why Me?


Believe it or not, my job is 90% about the humans in the house not the dogs. Changing behaviour is about understanding how your dog functions as a mammal as well as psychologically before we make a start on any technical training - and it is my job that you firstly have a decent understanding of this. 

Most owners skip this part out and want to rush straight into training to try and eradicate the unwanted behaviour as quickly as possible....and so often this is attempted with inappropriate training methods which usually make things even worse. 

Together we will focus on firstly creating a much happier dog, day to day and then identify what emotions we are looking to create/alleviate within our dogs to create the behaviour we would like your dog to achieve instead. Remember, your dog's behaviour is a symptom of how they are feeling. Together we can then formulate a plan of action with appropriate training. 

Tired of going round in circles with your dog? Stressed out of your mind? Desperate to help them have a better life?

Enter The Mutt Nut 


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